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MoonPass Lookouts

Discover the allure of solitary living and natural beauty at MoonPass Lookouts in Wallace, Idaho. Created by Airbnb legend Kristie Wolfe, these unique fire lookout towers offer immersive travel experiences in a historic setting. Each tower features breathtaking 360-degree views, a smart glass roof (can be seamlessly transformed from transparent to opaque) for stargazing and is set on a 55-acre forested property with a creek and pond. Disconnect from daily life and unwind in the serene surroundings whilst enjoying amenities like your very own private sauna, outdoor bathroom, and fire pit, and activities such as ax throwing, biking, hiking, and fishing. Perfect for romantic getaways or solo retreats, each tower accommodates 2 people and includes a full-size bed, kitchen, bathroom, wood-burning stove, and solar power. Construction begins Fall 2023, with opening set for Spring 2024. watch the video below

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Thom Sweeney Interior
Tropicfeel Interior
Montegrappa Interior
Carol Bike Interior
Vindome Interior
Floyd Interior
Dan Henry Interior
Rains Interior
Wellen Interior
London Sock Interior
Vaultskin Interior
Oxford Hill interior
Roland GoMixer Pro | Image

Roland GoMixer Pro

Roland have a new version of their popular palm-sized audio mixer, a little USB-powered device that lets you hook up your whole band’s instruments to your iPhone, and record them. The new GoMixer Pro can now handle up to nine instruments at one time, including powered mics, guitars, basses and other line-level instruments. Simply plug in, set the volume levels and go. The resulting stereo audio output is sent straight to your smartphone, ready for uploading and sh...
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Best Barn-Find Collector Car Tales | Image

Best Barn-Find Collector Car Tales

Tom Cotter is the best-known barn-find collector-car expert working today. Cotter has spent much of his life digging in barns and garages in search of buried automotive treasure, his amazing finds have led to a popular Youtube video series called Barn Find Hunter. In this new book, Cotter brings to light the most amazing, outrageous, and unexpected finds he and his barn-finding brethren have discovered, including a $4M Barn find that includes a Ferrari 2...
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The Manta Resort located in Zanzibar, Africa, is offering a truly special experience, the spectacular Manta Underwater Room is submerged beneath the Indian Ocean. This has to be the ultimate retreat, located off Pemba Island, the tiny floating island features three levels: a sun deck for working your tan and stargazing at night, a lounge, bathroom and dinning area on water level, and a submerged bedroom that sits 13ft (four meters) beneath the surface with windows o...
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