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Domes Charlevoix

Domes Charlevoix is a mind-blowing retreat to spend some quality chillout time should you ever be on the whereabouts of Quebec, in Canada. This eco friendly resort will surely build some long lasting memories because it is built in a beautiful wild nature spot, the domes get you in to a 2001 space odyssey mood, their interior is also well built with a minimal luxurious aesthetic that will make you feel special and ensure comfort because of the radiant concrete floor and fireplace. On the southside of the dome you get a large window that lets you see a magnificent view of the St. Lawrence River and its surroundings. On the main floor you get a living room, a kitchen area , the main bedroom and a bathroom with an Italian shower, on the second floor that you can reach using a boat like staircase you get a second bedroom. On the outside area of the dome there is a spa that enables you to chill while enjoying the magnificent view. We should also mention that itís located near some ski slopes but we guess that once you get inside the dome it will be hard to leave itÖ

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Recess is the ultimate illustrated guide to the best games of the playground, for inside and outside. Created by duo Ben Applebaum and Dan DiSorbo whom have co authored several humorous pop culture books together, this new book is a fun, pictorial review of over 150 classic games that can be played in the school yard or at home, from the many variants of tag, to hopscotch, four square, and dodgeball. It features easy, step by step instructions along with detailed il...
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George Lucas: A Life is the long-awaited life-story of the cinema legend and Star Wars creator. This is the first biography of the director to encompass the Star Wars prequels and everything that followed, such as the blockbuster series with Indiana Jones. The book takes us back to 1977, where a problem-plagued, budget-straining independent science-fiction film opened in a mere thirty-two American movie theaters. That was of course The Star Wars, now one of the most...
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Portugal is Europeís latest hot spot, and the beach destination to visit is Comporta, a cluster of coastal Portuguese villages about an hourís drive from Lisbon. With a chic vibe, unspoiled beaches and destination restaurants, no wonder this has become the place to go for international fashion designers, artists and royals. Sublime Comporta is an award-winning hotel incredible integrated on the landscape, surrounded by rice fields, umbrella pines, vineyards, and mil...
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