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Backwater House

Backwater House is the name of this spectacular property built next to a secluded lagoon in Norfolk, England. Designed by award winning practice Platform 5 Architects, the contemporary waterside house sits in a serene setting with panoramic views over a private lagoon. The unique timber framed house has three pitched roof bays, a separate boat shed, and a deep canopy that creates a sheltered outdoor area where you can enjoy the setting and the elements. The property is raised above the waterline, allowing floodwater to flow beneath a landscaped timber deck. Backwater has four bedrooms, can sleep 8 comfortably, and is available for vacation rentals.

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Tropicfeel Interior
Montegrappa Interior
Carol Bike Interior
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Vindome Interior
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London Sock Interior
Oxford Hill interior


Make Your Mark is a new addition to 99U´s popular book series, this is a business book for makers, not managers. What sets the businesses that succeed apart? The book features insights from 21 entrepreneurs and designers from companies such as Behance, Google, Adobe, Dodocase, Facebook, Warby Parker and other bright minds, that share their startup wisdom. Make Your Mark will arm you with practical insights for launching a purpose-driven business, refining your prod...
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Heatbox Self-Heating Lunchbox | Image

Heatbox Self-Heating Lunchbox

If you bring lunch from home to work, you will surely know it can be a problem finding the right solution or even waiting in line to warm up your lunchtime food. Enter the HeatBox, a self-heating lunchbox with an innovative design that aims to solve this problem. The HeatBox allows us to have a hot meal anytime in just 8 minutes. It is not hard to see why this gizmo has far exceeded its funding goal on Kickstarter. It is ideal for all foodies who want the freedom to...
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Brian Eno Turntable II | Image

Brian Eno Turntable II

Brian Eno, the legendary musician and producer, presents the Brian Eno Turntable II - a mesmerizing fusion of sound and visual artistry. In collaboration with London's Paul Stolper gallery, this limited 150-unit run features an exquisite circular acrylic turntable with integral LEDs, illuminating the device in a customizable array of colors synchronized with the music. Each unit is adorned with Brian's signature and engraved edition number on the base. Cr...
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