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World Travel: An Irreverent Guide

It was almost three years ago when Anthony Bourdain died, viewers around the world reacted to his death with stunned sorrow, they felt connected to him through his fearless travels, his restless spirit and his magical way with words. World Travel: An Irreverent Guide is the beloved chef, author, and presenterĀ“s final work, a guide to some of his most fascinating places in the world, in his own words, with essential advice on how to get there, what to eat, and where to stay.

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How crazy is this! Perfect for those who donĀ“t like to pay to much money for their drinks. The Freedom Flask allows you to take your booze into football games, concerts, nightclubs, and other social events. Just hide the flask under your pants and around your waist and fill it up with your favorite booze, then funnel it directly into the leak proof nozzle. Just make sure no bouncer or venue security is around you. ...
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After a successful funding campaign, Ficks: the worlds first natural cocktail fortifier is now available for purchase. Flicks is a blend of vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants that minimize the various negative effects of alcohol consumption, it promotes a healthier liver and fortifies your body to prevent against that dreaded morning after. Available in either lemon, lime or ginger, the fortifiers taste just like a garnish in your traditional cocktail. watch th...
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GSI Boulder Flask

The GSI Boulder Flask is a new way to carry your favorite beverage with you on your adventures, this new ruggedized hip flask has some cool features that turn it into a real must have to prevent damage bumps or scrapes out on the trail. The slim and lightweight flask enhances portability and ease of use, it is made from a strong co-polymer material, translucid and shatterproof, and features a silicone all-round bumper and lid to enhance its toughness but also adding...
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