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Living In The Forest

Living in the Forest is a beautifully photographed book by Phaidon that takes readers on a journey through some of the worlds most breathtaking homes in forests. The book showcases the unique architecture and design of homes that have been built amongst the trees, showcasing how people have blended seamlessly with nature to create a harmonious living space.

The book features a wide range of homes, from rustic cabins to modern treehouses, each one showcasing the natural beauty of the surrounding forest. The book also explores the eco-friendly and sustainable building techniques used in the construction of these homes, highlighting how living in the forest can be a sustainable and low-impact way of life.

One of the standout features of Living in the Forest is the high-quality photography, which captures the essence of the forest and the homes in it. The book also includes detailed descriptions of each home and the architects behind them, providing a fascinating insight into the design process and the unique challenges of building in the forest.

The book is perfect for anyone interested in architecture, design, or sustainability and would make an excellent addition to any coffee table or bookshelf.

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