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Grand Bikepacking Journeys

If you feel like escaping from modern monotony and leaving everyday life behind, there is no better way to travel and see the world than on a bike. Bikepacking is about going slowly, connecting with nature, exploring the world and seeing it for the first time, also bringing back the most indelible memories about the people you have met.

"Grand Bikepacking Journeys" is a directory of the most famous cycling routes in the world that are perfect for bikepackers. It combines the most famous routes that each self-respecting long-distance biker should strive to accomplish. This sequel to the wildly popular "Bikepacking", is penned by the legendary cyclist Stefan Amato, and offers a list of must-ride routes, including the Iditarod across Alaska, the Trans-Pyrenees between France and Spain, the Ruta Austral in Patagonia, and many others. Stefan provides helpful advice on preparation, gear, and overcoming the particular challenges while describing the background and geography of each route and highlighting hidden jewels.

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