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Everdure 4K Grill

The new Everdure 4K Grill gets its name from the inspiration its set upon, the Kamado grill, a clay cooker from Japan that dates back to 4000 years ago. It is based on ancient knowledge and techniques, but using today’s tech which makes it easy to use and enables almost any amateur chef to get great and consistent results. It should also be known that this device has been fine tuned using the expertise of one of the best chefs of our days…no other than the renowned Heston Blumenthal. So you are looking into a piece that is really been well thought of and beautifully designed. On the practical side, it may use several different fuels, such as: charcoal, gas or wood chips. It’s also pretty high tech: you get a touch panel on the side to manage its temp (it features 6 different temperature probes inside) along with an app to get data, tips and recipes. It’s also extremely versatile so you may cook meat, veggies or even pizza. watch the video below

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Summer has a way of luring you into an early-in-the-day drink, and cocktails are great, but they have high quantities of strong alcohol, and after one you might start to feel tipsy. For those that want a solution for long periods of imbibing without getting wasted, there is a new book, Session Cocktails, dedicated to low-alcohol drinks that are able to be enjoyed several at a time, or for those who just want to give their liver a breather. With more than 60 recipes ...
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Munchies is a new cookbook based on Vice TV´s popular Chef´s Night Out series. It  features stories from an array of renowned chefs ( including household names such as Anthony Bourdain, Dominique Crenn, David Chang and Danny Bowien) and their best recipes for counteracting any of the side-effects associated with nights of debauchery, and late-night snacks to soak up the booze afterwards. Written by award-winning cookbook author JJ Goode, the book features 65 re...
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The Grayl Ultralight Water Purifier is the thing to get if you’re outdoors often or even if you travel to places where the drinking water can’t be trusted. This purifier bottle is easy to use, just collect the water you need into the cup, from a stream or a tap, press the purifier that fits inside and you may drink it with full peace of mind. The whole process takes about 15 seconds and it gets rid of serious viruses, debris, 99.99% of harmful bacteria and neutraliz...
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