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Franklin Barbecue Pit

Aaron Franklin is owner of the wildly popular Austin restaurant Franklin Barbecue in Texas, today known as the most popular, critically lauded, barbecue joint in the country. Aaron is also widely regarded as among the most influential pitmasters in the US. His latest endeavor is producing the ultimate backyard smoker, he named it the Franklin Barbecue Pit. Handmade in Austin, TX, Franklin Barbecue Pits are handmade professional-grade smokers for serious enthusiasts. Weighing in at 550 pounds, this big boy smoker is made with 600 lbs of steel, is nearly seven feet long, and features a 42" cooking chamber big enough to fit three briskets as well as a double-walled firebox, a single cooking grate, and a water pan shelf. The whole rig rolls on industrial 5-inch casters, and has been engineered for maximum airflow and convection, so the food that comes out is evenly-cooked and delicious.

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The new Fellow Opus Conical Burr Grinder brings cafe-level grinding power right to your kitchen countertop. With 40 plus grind settings and professional-grade conical burrs, Opus is the ultimate customizable tool for any coffee brewing style. Whether you are making true espresso or a coarse cold brew, this grinder will deliver outstanding consistency and flavor every time. Not only does Opus offer precision grinding, but it also features low-noise operation a...
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Since the dawn of time, exploring the world by boat has been seen as the pinnacle of freedom. This new release by Gestalten chronicles a series of adventures from the perspective of a new generation of seafarers. Guiding the reader to remote corners of the world, Sailing the Seas marries stunning photography with detailed technical itineraries, maps, and destination tips. It features short sailing trips with friends to longer solitary cruises across the oceans, on a...
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