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Garmin Marq Commander

Garmin has unveiled the latest addition to its Marq line, a new collection of smartwatches built for adventure. While the first Marq watches were aimed at flyers, hikers and seafarers, the stealthy, matte black Commander is aimed at the more tactically-minded. In addition to offering a new aesthetic, the Marq Commander is built from lightweight titanium, with a sapphire crystal lens to give it that extra layer of protection. Other notable features include an always-on display that is built to work with night vision goggles, a built-in stealth mode (can stop the watch from storing or sharing GPS position, and disables wireless connectivity and communication), topographic mapping, a barometric altimeter, compass and a UTC bezel to make sure you can keep track of your location. Away from its unique tactical features, you can expect all of the same core features you’ll find in most of Garmin’s existing smartwatches and fitness trackers, including notifications for email, calls, and messaging from a connected smartphone, a sunlight readable display, built-in music storage with Bluetooth streaming, NFC payments, GPS location tracking, an optical heart rate/pulse oximeter sensor, and up to 12 days battery life. What sets them apart from Garmin´s current wearables lineup are new activity-specific functions. watch the video below

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior
Huckberry All-Weather Duckboot | Image

Huckberry All-Weather Duckboot

Our good friends over at Huckberry were not happy with other duckboots, they simply didn´t feel right for the streets of San Francisco or out in the wild of Northern California, so they figured what the heck, lets make a boot. With a sneaker-like comfort, the Huckberry All-Weather Duckboot is 100% waterproof thanks to premium materials and the craftsmanship that puts them all together. It has the chunky good looks of a duck boot, the all-terrain versatility and dura...
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Filson USFS Collection | Image

Filson USFS Collection

Seattle outdoor outfitter Filson have teamed up with the USFS (United States Forest Service) for a limited-edition collection to raise awareness about forest fires. The capsule apparel and accessories collection features the USFS´s iconic badge on 17 items, ranging from a few bandanas, a loggers hat, to a series of Smokey the Bear branded T-shirts and of course, a couple hardwearing Tin Cloth bags, a jacket and a watch too. Watch the video below telling the stories ...
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Wingback is a beautiful tailor made leather wallet that is personalized to your taste, first choose your leather from three leather styles, pick the heavy duty thread color (10 bold colors available) and then personalization if you wish (you can add your own message, name or initials on the front and the inside). The minimalist wallet has room for up to 5 cards that can be easily accessed thanks to a notch at one end, there is also a wing which holds your notes secu...
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