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Aura Strap 2

Now in an updated and upgraded version, the new Aura Strap 2 is a smart strap that aims to greatly enhance the info your apple watch will be able to provide. It is the only wearable device providing fat, muscle and water balance measurements to the Apple Watch for reaching your wellness goals. The Aura Strap 2 collects, analyzes and sends body composition, hydration data, plus a more accurate heart rate data with fitness levels directly to the Apple Watch. The measurements are then viewable in the Aura app, with info of your personal body composition, hydration and fitness progress.

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100% x Peter Sagan Collection | Image

100% x Peter Sagan Collection

100% have introduced a new limited edition collection designed to reflect the unique character and riding style of the seven-time Tour de France Green Jersey winner - Peter Sagan. Matching Peter Sagan´s raw talent with 100%s approach to performance eyewear, this is a perfect formula for success on and off the race course. ...
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TorchONE Helmet | Image

TorchONE Helmet

After capturing our attention with their Torch T2 Bike Helmet, Torch Apparel are back on Kickstarter, this time with an innovative bike helmet that features removable light panels. The new TorchONE Helmet is fully water resistant, and promises improved year-round versatility compared to the brand´s previous models. TorchONE comes with curved front and rear light panels that are visible from the sides (offers 360-degree visibility), and can be detached for daytime r...
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Designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind, and aimed at professional nature and landscape photographers, the Gitzo Adventury Backpack provides comfort on long treks, and works as both a spacious gear bag and an everyday backpack. Built using a rugged water-repellent fabric and a coated bottom section, it is designed to protect and carry your complete outdoor photography kit in a single bag. The bag can carry a DSLR or mirrorless camera with telephoto lens attached, ...
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