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Vollebak Ocean Shorts

Could these be the most high-performance pair of shorts ever built? Vollebak have introduced the Ocean Shorts, constructed with a single bonded seam so nothing can chafe, with welded barracks for extra strength, and a high stretch fabric that stretches like an elastic band allowing total unrestricted movement. Although ideal for water sports, the board shorts are as high-performance on a mountain as they are in the mid-Atlantic, they’re so light, stretchy and seamless you can run an ultra-marathon in them. They’re also strong and resilient enough to cope with any mountain biking, climbing or hiking trip. The Ocean Shorts are available in a highly limited production run with a Granite edition and a Green edition.

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For nearly two centuries, Mackintosh has stood as a pillar in the realm of coat craftsmanship, making its mark as one of the world's most influential coat makers. The iconic Mackintosh coat, a symbol of British fashion, has transcended time and trends ...
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Pelican have introduced a rugged personal utility case built to protect essential accessories on any adventure. The innovative and strategic storage solution is designed to protect your essential accessories against extreme elements, it is water tight and built with a co-molded rubberized liner and exo-skeleton cushioned EVA lining. It is waterproof (can be submerged in a depth of up to 3ft), dirtproof, snowproof and dustproof, and has plenty of organizational solut...
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PowerWatch X | Image

PowerWatch X

Powered by your body heat, the PowerWatch X is the world’s first smartwatch that you never have to charge! The groundbreaking smartwatch employs low power electronics and runs off heat generated from the body (uses thermoelectric technology), with no need for replaceable batteries or external power sources. iOS and Android compatible, the PowerWatch X features notifications, reinforced bezel for toughness, 200m water resistance, plus a near-indestructible silicone...
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