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Goruck MACV-2 Boots

Introducing the Goruck MACV-2 Boots, an evolution of the Vietnam-era jungle boot with modern upgrades. Designed by former special operator Richard Rice, these boots are built tough for Special Forces soldiers and adventurers alike. The MACV-2 features an all-new outsole for unmatched traction and support, perfect for those on their feet in any terrain. With a triple-compound rubber outsole and waterproof leather upper, these boots offer exceptional protection against wet, muddy, and rough conditions. The MACV-2 midsole ensures stability and arch support, while the roomy toe box accommodates long hours of wear. Whether you are navigating jungles, mountains, or forests, these military-inspired boots are ready to conquer any challenge.

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Whilst snooping around on Etsy, we found this smartly-designed key organizer. Handmade from Cordura 1000D, this cool EDC item is for those who love minimalism, reliability and ease of use. Just put your keys in this pocket key organizer to stop them rattling, clinging to clothing or simply getting lost. Simply put your keys inside, pass the long loop of paracord into a short loop and fasten to your lanyard, attach to any carabiner, or to your backpack. Choose from s...
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Born in Stockholm, at the heart of Scandinavia, North-89 emphasizes quality, functionality, and comfort in their footwear. Their good-looking North-89 Alpine Hiker is crafted by hand in a family-owned Portuguese factory using premium Italian leathers and innovative materials. The rugged boot, two years in the making, is tailored for urban escapes and challenging terrains. Its utilitarian design combines water-resistant ripstop textile and rubberized leather panels, ...
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B-2 NANO BLADE | Image


The B-2 Nano Blade is billed as being the world´s smallest tactical pocket knife, so you can be assured it won’t be taking up precious pocket space on your adventures. The everyday carry knife´s design was inspired by the B-2 Stealth Bomber military aircraft, and that positively shines through in its stealthy aesthetics and uncompromising performance. The ultralight miniature tactical pocket knife is made with 440C stainless steel and can endure the toughest dai...
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