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Ombraz Armless Sunglasses Side Shields

Ombraz, the masterminds behind the stylish armless shades have now introduced removable side shields for each of their five styles. Brought to you by the same team that builds Adidas 3D soles and Specialized’s state-of-the-art bike seats, Ombraz Side Shields are removable and fully malleable. With a patent-pending louvered design for ventilation, the side shields are built to remove side glare on the water, snow, or anywhere else you need to block peripheral light. You are going to love these.

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A couple of years ago Ring Clock, a design project for a competition by Szikszai Gusztáv, became viral after it first went online. Well it seems that now, the concept might become a reality thanks to a indiegogo campaign. The Ring clock is an original marriage of the ring and the watch, it features three rings that rotate separately, displaying the hour, minutes and seconds. It is made from stainless steel, is water-resistant, features LED lights that turn off auto...
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Renown manufacturer of camera bags and accessory cases LowePro have presented the ProTactic Series, a high-performance, urban-inspired, professional camera backpack with unparalleled 4-way access. Available in two sizes, the ProTactic 350 AW, and the ProTactic 450 AW, the professional camera backpack offers limitless set-ups and delivers mission-critical access for two cameras. It features room for several lenses/speedlights, a laptop, and has multiple accessory att...
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Tropicfeel Jungle All-Terrain Sneaker | Image

Tropicfeel Jungle All-Terrain Sneaker

The Tropicfeel Jungle All-Terrain Sneaker is the ultimate travel shoe, a minimalist shoe that can withstand the city, the mountains, the water and beyond. The sneaker was born to meet the needs of modern-day travelers, nomads and adventurers who want to be ready to jump into new adventures, anytime, anywhere. Jungle is the latest evolution in their All-Terrain Sneaker range, it features a perfect fit with slip sock construction, and is lightweight, water friendly, s...
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