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Johann Wolff x Walt Grace Vintage

The stylish Johann Wolff x Walt Grace Vintage is a collaboration that merges timeless style with modern innovation. Johann Wolff is committed to delivering premium eyewear without the premium price tag, crafting designs that balance classic silhouettes with contemporary flair. Their dedication to durability is evident in a lifetime warranty on all frames, ensuring longevity. Environmentally conscious, they prioritize biodegradable materials with minimal impact.

The Johann Wolff Driver's Kit, in partnership with Walt Grace Vintage, offers a versatile spectacle experience. Equipped with interchangeable clips and photochromic lenses, it adapts seamlessly to various activities and lighting conditions. From enhancing clarity during overcast drives to providing shade for optimal vision, this kit exemplifies the fusion of style and functionality. Elevate your eyewear game with Johann Wolff's commitment to quality, durability, and timeless design.

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Nike have released the Nike Free Trainer 3.0, a fast and versatile new training shoe that enables athletes to run, cut, jump and lift. The lightweight shoe features an innovative outsole with hexagonal flex grooves that enables athletes to become faster by allowing the foot to move naturally. Mid-foot Nike Flywire technology provides superior stability and support, needed for rapid lateral movements and cuts in every direction.  The Nike Free Train...
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WeWood is an Italian brand committed to the health of our planet, the watches are made entirely of 100% natural wood and are completely absent of artificial and toxic materials. WeWood´s philosophy is that When you buy a timepiece, WeWood garantee you they will plant one tree ensuring the health and survival of our natural world....
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Watch brand Hexa has presented their new offering, the "Hexa K500" is a beautifully crafted mechanical dive watch with an emphasis on utility. Some of the watch features worth pointing out are: a 316L surgical steel case with integrated crown guard, luminescence by Lum-tec, high-grip bezel(giving the user easy operation in the harshest conditions) and a Sii NE15/Seiko 6R15 movement. The watch has a 44mm diameter and is available in three different finishes. The "Hex...
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