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Vollebak Indestructible Puffer Vest

Vollebak is an experimental adventure brand, they manufacture clothing concepts that have never been seen or attempted before. Their latest offering is what they are calling "the World’s Strongest Puffer Vest" built from the strongest fibre ever made. The Vollebak Indestructible Puffer Vest is built using an Ultra lightweight Dyneema fabric, a material that is 15 times lighter and stronger than steel, and originally used in body armor and anti-ballistic vehicle armor. The indestructible vest is also made to withstand temperatures up to -40°C, and is designed to perform in the toughest environments and coldest conditions on Earth. watch the video below

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We are back again this month with a roundup of products that caught out attention. We are constantly on the prowl for the coolest stuff, travel essentials for life on the road, new smooth and stylish fashion pieces, new adventure ready gear, new tech stuff and accessories for your everyday carry. Here are a just few of our favorites for this month. Product details below....
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Hoka Restore TC | Image

Hoka Restore TC

The new Hoka Restore TC is the epitome of casual comfort. Crafted with a forward-thinking approach to sustainability, this slip-on showcases a minimalist design while maximizing comfort, giving you the perfect blend of style and ease.  Its construction is ingeniously streamlined, utilizing only essential components. The shoe comprises three key parts: a stretchy, sock-like upper that molds to your foot, a 30% sugarcane-based EVA insole for superior cushioning, ...
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Ray-Ban Oval Double Bridge | Image

Ray-Ban Oval Double Bridge

Iconic eyewear brand Ray-Ban have merged an oval shape with a double bridge for a new stylish frame. This cool oval double bridge sunglass is inspired by their popular aviator silhouette, but has a rounder shape and an eye-catching double bridge that helps give it a strong look against its more popular siblings. The result is one of their most versatile pieces that will match anybody´s taste. Available now in 7 colors....
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