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Torch Coat Heater

Torch is a new heating system that turns any coat you wear into a small heat unit, no more need fora extra layers of clothes to stay warm. Itīs obviously a battery operated item that has four different heat levels to best fit your warmth needs. Its quite discrete so you wont get bulky structures sticking out of your coat, and because it heats up your core youll get extra warm blood flow to your extremities too, so no more cold hands or feet and the rigidity caused by the cold on your muscles will also disappear. So its designed for the casual user but also for athletes or more the hardcore outdoors users because it does significantly diminish cold effects seriously. The battery pack will get you up to 5 hours of heat so you can stay at your favorite fishing spot, keep snowboarding that extra time or just extend your mountain walk. watch the video below

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Nikeīs new Aeroloft Golf Jacket is the only jacket youīll need on the course this winter. The fitted jacket uses Nikeīs revolutionary Aeroloft technology that produces excellent insulation with minimal weight, keeping you warm and not getting in the way of your golf swing. An ergonomic construction and stretchy fabric offers range of motion, while the innovative laser-cut perforated ventilation system is designed to retain just enough heat while allowing excess heat...
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The Bug, by Spyderco, is a fully functional slip-joint folding knife in an incredibly tiny package. When closed, the micro-sized knife is not much larger than a paper clip, and although small, it offers reliable high performance from its teensy high-carbon stainless steel, razor sharp blade (take a look at the insanely happy Amazon reviews). The keychain knife features a very strong slip joint that keeps it rigid during cuts, and has a lanyard hole to accommodate a ...
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CASIO G-SHOCK GW-A1000 | Image


The new GW-A1000 by Casio is one stunning watch, it was presented in this years Baselworld, and is a new addition to the G-SHOCK line of Gravity Defier aviator concept watches. It offers a wide range of functions that are especially practical for pilots. With the intuitive method of turning the crown switch, the wearer can check the time in different cities around the world. The watch is also solar-powered and radio-controlled, its watchface was designed to look li...
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