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Norra Ask Polartec Zip Hoodie

We are big fans of Norra, the Swedish brand manufacture premium quality clothes made with sustainable materials and an affordable price tag. This is only possible by cutting out all the middlemen and selling directly to you, this way they are able to provide more value for the money and make high-quality products. Their latest offering is the Ask Polartec Zip Hoodie, a rugged piece that is a leap in performance, sustainability and price. The innovative hoodie features three layers in just one fabric. One outer surface, one inner surface and sandwiched in-between fleece fibers that traps the air. This unique construction creates a grid of pillows that helps trapping air, air that will keep you warm. Through an innovative knitting process the face surface has been structured in a way that makes it withstand the hardest of abuse. Available in black or blue.

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Lum-Tec Combat Field Watch | Image

Lum-Tec Combat Field Watch

Ohio-based Lum-Tec manufacture military-inspired watches made only with the best available materials and components. Their latest timepiece is this military-inspired field watch that mixes a technical look with classic pilot watch aesthetics. The Lum-Tec Combat Field watch is powered by a Swiss-made Sellita SW200 automatic movement protected by a shock-absorbing mounting system and Viton gaskets. Other details include a double-curved sapphire crystal that protects a...
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EDC Card Multi-Tool | Image

EDC Card Multi-Tool

This new EDC Card Multi-Tool has a lot going for it, for starters it´s made in the USA, so you’re pretty sure to get a real quality build item and not something that you may get as a common gift that will get scuffed up and loose its use after a couple of uses or fixes. This EDC Card uses high quality SV35 VN Stainless steel, harder that titanium, that will endure hard work and keep corrosion free for years. Plus with this card you get more than 30 different tool...
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Oakley Re:SubZero | Image

Oakley Re:SubZero

Oakley has brought back a relic from its early nineties archives with the relaunch of Sub Zero sunglasses. Originally released in 1992, this model was ahead of its time with its futuristic look, and was one of the most innovative eyewear designs of the 90s. The all-new Oakley Re:SubZero feature a lightweight design with a PhysioMorphic Geometry, allowing for a seamless lens design that wraps around your face for a mask-like fit. They also come with Prizm lenses and ...
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