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Yeti Soft Backpack Cooler

Yeti has expanded its soft cooler lineup with two new releases and updates to existing models. The M12 Soft Backpack Cooler and M15 Soft Cooler offer smaller, more portable options for carrying your favorite beverages and snacks. The M12 is ideal for day trips, accommodating 20 cans or 12 pounds of ice, and its even wine-bottle compatible. The M15 features a wide mouth for easy access and durability to withstand punctures and UV rays, fitting 32 cans or 15 pounds of ice, and also accepting wine bottles.

Yeti has improved its M20 Soft Backpack Cooler and M30 Soft Cooler with a new magnetized closure system called Magshield Access, addressing previous safety concerns. Quick-release buckles ensure everything stays securely in place.

These coolers are versatile and perfect for day hikes, fishing trips, picnics, and road trips, offering cold storage whenever and wherever you need it. The Hopper M15 Tote and Hopper M12 Backpack provide convenient carrying options with extra-wide magnetic mouths and beefy shoulder straps. The M15 Tote includes a kangaroo-style pouch pocket for small items, while the M12 Backpack is TSA-compliant and fits in aircraft overhead storage.

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TAB Adjustable Bag | Image

TAB Adjustable Bag

TAB is an adjustable bag that grows with your needs. It has a difficult objective to achieve, its designers aim for it to be the one item that´s gonna replace all your other bags. What’s interesting and innovative about this bag is its cinch system that enables it to grow or collapse into three different sizes (31l, 46.5l, 62l) for when you want to carry something, or simply as a compact ball when you’re just carrying the bag and nothing else. Even though it ha...
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DDC Labs and New Balance have created another inspired design and application. This is a limited edition issue it  features a one piece upper in synthetic suede. The uppers feature sonically welded seems in place of stitching across the extent of the exterior and the New Balance logo on the side is debossed from the exterior....
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In our new monthly installment, we showcase the gear we are lusting after. This is a collection of various, handpicked items to satisfy our gear crave needs. From wear items with a considerable amount of style, to items that are worthy of making it into your pockets every single day of the week, and a bevy of technologies designed to distract and entertain. We are happy to help with a slew of the best gear to keep every guy drooling....
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