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The James Brand Bright Collection

This new collection by The James Brand is aimed at adding a pop of color to your daily carry while also maintaining the brands commitment to functionality and quality. Each tool is constructed with premium materials and designed to handle a variety of everyday tasks, making them a great option for outdoor enthusiasts and those who need a reliable tool on the go.

In addition to its vibrant appearance, the collection is also competitively priced, starting at just $39. This makes it accessible for anyone looking to add a touch of color to their daily carry kit without breaking the bank.

The James Brand has always been known for its minimalist design, but the Bright Collection shows that the brand is not afraid to step outside the box and offer something different. Whether you are looking for a reliable tool for outdoor adventures or just want to add a pop of color to your everyday carry, the James Brand Bright Collection has you covered.

the-james-brand-bright-collection-2.jpg | Image

the-james-brand-bright-collection-3.jpg | Image

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the-james-brand-bright-collection-5.jpg | Image

Vindome Interior
London Sock Interior
Vaultskin Interior
Flint and Tinder Interior
Oxford Hill interior
Floyd Interior
Dan Henry Interior
Rains Interior
Cariuma Interior
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7SPHERE Skiwear Layering System

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Winner of this year´s prestigious Red Dot award, the new Spectrum Jacket by Helly Hansen will keep you going through all conditions. The jacket features the brand´s highly innovative H2Flow temperature regulation technology, a turbocharging mechanical venting system that keeps you dry, warm or cool, depending on the outside conditions. Whether its sunny or snowing, this stretchy shell will keep you dry and comfortable....
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