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Huckberry Sitewide Sale

Huckberry's Black Friday deals have arrived early this year, with a 15% discount on everything, a one-time sitewide sale in 2023 - available for just two days, this Wednesday and Thursday. Act quickly, as the sale concludes at midnight tomorrow. Top picks include the USA-made Flint and Tinder Flannel-Lined Waxed Trucker Jacket, known for its water resistance, ultra-soft feel, and denim-like durability. Another standout is the Astorflex Cukka boot, a style favored by WWII desert soldiers. Explore our curated picks below and enjoy an automatic 15% discount applied at checkout. Don't miss out - ends 11/16 at midnight PT!

Durable, classic, and crafted in the United States, this best-selling item from Huckberry is made with an 8.25 oz shelter cloth that is waxed and weather-resistant. Similar to selvage denim or finely tanned leather, it ages gracefully, enhancing its timeless appeal.
BUY | $298 (-15%)

Experience the exquisitely crafted Balmuda Toaster, employing steam to elevate your toast to a bakery-fresh delight! Honored with the prestigious Good Design Award, this Japanese toaster guarantees perfectly browned slices on both sides while maintaining a soft and fluffy interior.
BUY | $299 (-15%)

Pairing with everything from jeans to formal wear, the versatility of a chukka boot is hard to beat. This classic Chukka boot style favored by WWII desert soldiers and icons like Steve McQueen, was developed exclusively for Huckberry...
BUY | $215 (-15%)

The Barebones Field Hatchet is a versatile outdoor tool proficient in both wood splitting and target hitting. Boasting a 4-inch cast and blackened carbon steel blade with a hammer on the rear, complemented by a robust hickory handle, this hatchet is well-equipped for various outdoor tasks.
BUY | $70 (-15%)

Meticulously designed by the experts at Db, it boasts top-notch materials and a streamlined design, leaving no room for unnecessary elements. The result is a spacious, exceptionally sturdy gear carrier that seamlessly maneuvers through airports, ensuring swift access to your essentials.
BUY | $649 (-15%)

Ombraz, the creators of the stylish armless sunglasses, have introduced new additions to their lineup. These fashionable shades, without sidearms, screws, or hinges, tackle common problems associated with traditional eyewear. They are resistant to breakage, stay securely in place, and ensure a comfortable, headache-free experience!
BUY | $69 (-15%)

Taking inspiration from a generation of adventurers who depended on them to navigate uncharted territories, these Standard Issue Binoculars give a contemporary twist to the iconic exploration tool. Crafted with 8x magnification, equivalent to a 400mm camera lens, each pair ensures a powerful and detailed viewing experience.
BUY | $95 (-15%)

Discover the groundbreaking Dissim Inverted Lighter, the world's inaugural lighter engineered for seamless operation in both upright and inverted positions. This adaptable lighter provides unparalleled versatility, enabling effortless ignition in nearly any situation.
BUY | $48 (-15%)

Whether you're tackling straightforward home installations or embarking on extensive renovations, the Smart Laser Measure is your go-to tool. Boasting two precision-measuring modes and medium-range capabilities, it excels in accuracy, catering to all your essential measuring requirements.
BUY | $46 (-15%)

With an ultra-slim stainless steel barrel, a spring-loaded clicker, and a grip adorned with dot patterns, the Burnwell emerges as our modern tool of choice for sealing deals and capturing creative ideas.
BUY | $69 (-15%)

The Hardin, a sleek, slim, and lightweight carabiner, represents the pinnacle of portable carrying solutions. Meticulously crafted from premium aluminum, this carabiner features a dual-compartment design for securing your keys. The Hardin excels by striking the perfect balance, delivering optimal functionality without excessive bulk.
BUY | $39 (-15%)

Crafted from authentic U.S. Kennedy half-dollar coins, this covert spy coin cleverly assembles to covertly conceal a micro-SD memory card within. Whether you're a photographer seeking a distinctive method to safeguard your images during breaks or simply desiring a playful storage solution for your memory cards, this discreet hollow half-dollar will mystify anyone not privy to its concealed secret.
BUY | $25 (-15%)

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