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Pocket Dump

Welcome to another of our guides on EDC essentials! In this article series, we will delve into the world of everyday carry items, exploring the must-have tools and gear that you will want by your side every day. Join us as we take a closer look at what goes into a "pocket dump" and how these items can enhance your daily life.

The CMF Watch Pro by Nothing, a newcomer to the smartwatch market, offers a sleek design and affordability. With a vibrant 1.96-inch AMOLED display, it provides clear visibility in all lighting conditions. Designed for fitness enthusiasts, it monitors blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, and offers comprehensive health tracking. Boasting a remarkable 13-day battery life, customizable watch faces, and support for 110 sport modes, it's a strong contender in its category.

Ideal for your inconspicuous everyday carry, this compact knife offers impressive functionality in a small form factor. Combining the functions of a pocket knife, money clip, and bottle opener, it neatly fits into the coin pocket of your preferred jeans, ensuring you're always ready for any situation.

Ridge presents an elegant answer to keeping your keys organized with the KeyCase. Offered in Aluminum or Carbon variants, this chic accessory efficiently arranges up to 6 keys, ensuring convenient access and a minimalist appearance for your daily necessities.

Zero Pump offers a portable, lightweight answer for outdoor escapades. At a mere 1.2 ounces, it swiftly inflates your sleeping pad in less than a minute and can manage 25 pads consecutively without overheating. Featuring six nozzle choices, it works seamlessly with popular sleeping pad brands and serves as both an inflator and deflator. Additionally, it functions as a fire starter for effortless campfire kindling.

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G-Lab Commander Jacket | Image

G-Lab Commander Jacket

German outerwear brand G-Lab has more than 20 years of experience in producing high-performance garments, their good-looking coats are windproof, waterproof, breathable, and designed to keep you at the perfect temperature. The G-Lab Commander Jacket is a warm field jacket mixed with a cool, urban sensibility. It has endless functions including large cargo pockets, cosy fleece lined warmer pockets, a 3D zipper garage, reflective stripes on the hood and back yoke, plu...
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The "Arizona Arena Guitar Case" looks straight out of a western movie. This cool case is 100% Full Grain Leather and Hand sewn with marine grade threading, it features 1" of high density foam padding and a strap that can be used as a backpack or shoulder strap.   ...
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BOLDR Expedition Watch | Image

BOLDR Expedition Watch

Another Kickstarter success story, BOLDR Watches returns to the crowdfunding platform with a brand new watch model. The BOLDR Expedition is a gorgeous automatic field watch, a tough, ever ready companion for your next adventure and explorations. With a military-inspired design, the Expedition has some of the key features that made the field watch a tactical timepiece, dating back to World War II, such as a high-contrast dial design, plus superluminova 3D lume marker...
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