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Welcome to our "Pocket Dump" series, where we explore the essential everyday carry items that strike a perfect balance between functionality and style. Dive into the world of must-have tools that cater to your daily needs, ensuring you're prepared for any situation life presents. From sleek accessories to practical tools, discover the curated collection that combines utility with aesthetic appeal, making them ideal companions for your daily adventures.

Drawing inspiration from the timepieces supplied to the Luftwaffe during World War II, the Redwood Pilot Type B watch has earned its legendary status. Revamped with contemporary dimensions and advanced technology, it's prepared for any challenge. 
BUY | $189

Designed in England and crafted from European brass to aerospace standards, the Wingback Machined Key Fob is meticulously built with a distinctive knurling for easy tactile identification, even in the deepest pockets.
BUY | $29

The Anytime Perpetual Calendar Pen by Montegrappa has a unique cap that includes notched dials for date, day, and month, with tactile feedback and secure locking. Available in Maestro or Supremo models, with rollerball or fountain options. Limited to 365 numbered pieces, each preset to display the date of manufacture.
BUY | $2,150+

The Winston Card Holder solves the problem of leather wallets stretching over time. Featuring a stainless steel leaf spring system, it ensures a snug fit for your cards, whether you carry one or ten. Handcrafted from durable materials, it's designed to outlast traditional wallets. Customize it with your choice of leather, thread color, initials, and even your phone number for added security.
BUY | $110

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Mammut have designed a Ski Backpack that you will never have to take off. Now available in white and black, the Mammut Spindrift 14 eliminates the everlasting problem backpacks can’t seem to shake: having to stop your ride to rummage around in your backpack for equipment. The Spindrift allows its wearer to accomplish several tasks without that ordeal, it boasts a place for every piece of gear you need for a successful backcountry outing. It features large pockets ...
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Braun have been making classic alarm clocks for years, now their watch collection seems to be getting bigger by the day. They feature the same approach as the alarm clocks, they are designed to provide you with a quality and minimalist solution for your needs. Check out this post´s detail for more models. In the US you can get them here...
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EDC November 2022 | Image

EDC November 2022

In this month´s roundup series of EDC (Everyday Carry), we pick some items that are carried on a consistent basis to assist you in dealing with normal everyday needs of modern society, including possible emergency situations. Every guy could use a little more gear in his pockets, so this month we have rounded up the ultimate guide to EDC essentials for the modern and discerning gentleman. Product details below....
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