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March 2023 Finds On Huckberry

Looking for the coolest apparel and travel gear for your active lifestyle and outdoor adventures? Look no further than our curated list of the most exciting fresh deals this month on Huckberry. We have teamed up again with our good friends at Huckberry to bring you the best opportunities to upgrade your gear and get your hands on the latest and greatest products. Whether you are hitting the trails or simply looking to elevate your style, we have got you covered with some of the coolest apparel and travel gear available this month. Don´t miss out on these amazing deals, check out our curated list below.

If you are a serious runner, you need the Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar. Packed with sensors that optimize your running and training performance, it also has incident detection features that alert emergency contacts of your location in case of an emergency. Clocking in at just 52 grams, it is lightweight and easy to wear.
BUY | $599

On is a shoe brand that revolutionized running with its CloudTec outsole innovation. The same technology is applied to their Cloudaway shoe, which is durable, comfortable, and lightweight. Perfect for exploring, the Cloudaway features fine sock-like liners, speedboard-assisted movement, and a speed-lace system. Its the shoe you can rely on for all-day, everyday wear.
BUY | $140

Known for perfecting daily gear, Bellroy has designed a compact minimalist wallet. The water-resistant leather shell and Aquaguard zipper ensure that all of your IDs and cards are well-protected from the elements.
BUY | $79

Crafted with Topos renowned attention to detail and quality, this roller bag features stowable backpack straps, webbing side handles, and a telescoping handle for easy maneuverability. And with heavy-duty wheels, you can easily roll it through any terrain.
BUY | $299

This belt has been redesigned and reimagined from scratch, with every age-old complaint about belts taken into consideration. With its effortless snap-together mechanism and quick-release feature, the Groove Belt is the ultimate solution for anyone tired of struggling with their belt.
BUY | $60

After four years of development, Peak Design created a tripod that packs down to the size of a water bottle and sets up lightning quick into a full-featured, full-size tripod. The Travel Tripod eliminates the wasted space and added bulk of most tripods, without protruding knobs.
BUY | $350

With its clean and simple silhouette, this timeless clock by Braun features a striking yellow second hand and luminous tipped hands for extra legibility. Its high quality design ensures that you will never be let down when getting up at the crack of dawn.
BUY | $40

Made in Canada with the utmost care and attention to detail, this sweatshirt is the perfect addition to your athletic wardrobe. Constructed from comfortable and durable fabric, its perfect for warm-ups, cool-downs, and anything else you do in a day that calls for reliable warmth.
BUY | $125

A pen is a fundamental piece of EDC gear. The Stilwell is small in size, but punches well above its weight class. With its minimal form, it will easily ride in your pocket all day, but when it’s time to do work the Stilwell is all business.
BUY | $49

This premium sunglasses brand is all about simplicity and sustainability, with their shades manufactured using only the highest quality materials. The Woods is their take on a 50s-era rectangular style, perfect for pairing with anything from a Metallica t-shirt to a full suit and tie.
BUY | $99

The CB carabiner by Wesn is the epitome of minimalism in EDC design. Made from a single piece of titanium, this sleek and seamless carabiner is both durable and stylish. With its minimalist design, the CB carabiner is perfect for those who want to keep things simple and streamlined.
BUY | $50

The Fisher Space Pen is a reliable writing tool that can write smoothly in any situation, from upside down to zero gravity. Its pressurized ink cartridge and specially developed ink make it the perfect pen for extreme temperatures and underwater writing.
BUY | $79

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