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July 2023 Finds On Huckberry

Explore our exclusive assortment of premium apparel and travel gear curated for your adventurous spirit and outdoor excursions this month at Huckberry. We have teamed up with Huckberry once again to bring you a carefully picked range of top-notch and innovative products to elevate your gear collection. From trail-ready essentials to stylish fashion pieces, we have got everything you need to stay on-trend and well-equipped. Don�t miss out on these amazing products, and browse our specially chosen list below.

Elevate your daily essentials with this exceptional assortment of well-crafted tools, designed to enhance both style and practicality in your daily adventures. The kit boasts the Offset Keyring, Caro Pen, Lark Knife, and Key Capsule, each serving a practical purpose while exuding classic charm.
BUY | $99

The Unbound 40 is meticulously designed for maximum efficiency, making it an ideal companion for long routes. Weighing a mere 32 ounces (size medium), it wont burden you during your journey. The pack boasts spacious outer pockets for easy access to essential gear throughout the day. Inside, you will find a roomy and uncomplicated interior, perfect for storing bulky items needed at camp.
BUY | $369

The re-engineered Steel Navigator proudly boasts a vintage-inspired silhouette, skillfully blending timeless aesthetics with modern innovations. This thoughtfully crafted timepiece guarantees utmost accuracy, legibility, and durability, positioning it as the pinnacle of the Marathon lineup.
BUY | $830

This BPA-free bottle is equipped with advanced filtration technology that effectively removes bacteria, parasites, microplastics, and other contaminants, ensuring you have clean and refreshing water wherever you go.
BUY | $50

These ultralight chopsticks are designed to perfection, weighing a mere 0.77 ounces, and can be effortlessly stored in the accompanying carrying case when not in use. With their sleek and elegant appearance, these chopsticks bring a touch of sophistication to every dining experience.
BUY | $40

These shoes are the epitome of responsiveness and sustainability, utilizing advanced technology and environmentally-friendly materials to create an exceptional running experience. The Dyneema uppers are bio-based, the pyramidal midsole ensures stability, and the custom-designed eTPU insole absorbs energy for a dynamic run.
BUY | $295

The Uncle Bill Snapback pays tribute to the esteemed Uncle Bill Coors of the renowned brewing legacy. This high-profile ball cap boasts a structured five-panel design and features a breathable mesh construction adorned with distinctive embroidered script.
BUY | $35

Introducing the revolutionary DISSIM Inverted Lighter - the worlds first lighter designed for both upright and inverted use. This versatile lighter offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to ignite it in almost any situation with ease.
BUY | $48

This remarkable screwdriver set boasts a non-slip aluminum base and includes twenty-five S2 steel precision bits. Whether youre working on intricate electronic components or tackling more extensive projects, a swift change of the screwdriver head allows you to seamlessly transition between tasks of various sizes.
BUY | $60

With an impressive record of 2 million copies sold, the Stay Alive Guide stands out as one of the most popular First Aid manuals available in the market. Conveniently portable, the guide  offers a diverse range of crucial information, spanning from essential first aid topics like CPR, bleeding, and burns to valuable survival skills such as knot tying, shelter building, and finding your way when lost.
BUY | $13

The Stash Tube prioritizes convenience and ease of use in its design, featuring a top-quality plastic storage body with an airtight seal to maintain the freshness of your herbs. Its silicone lid comes with a keychain hole, ensuring you can carry your stash wherever your next session awaits.
BUY | $8

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Timex x Todd Snyder Beekman Watch

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