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Apple Watch Ultra

Available for sale from today, the new Apple Watch Ultra is a rugged smartwatch designed for adventurers and athletes. For the majority of iPhone users, the Apple Watch is a fantastic smartwatch. However, it couldnt compete with the greatest sport watches for some athletes. With the Apple Watch Ultra, that has changed. It has a 49mm titanium case, a flat Sapphire crystal, 36 hours of battery life, with 60 hours achievable with a new optimization setting, and better dual-frequency GPS. It is designed for use in harsh environments. Along with a customizable International Orange action button, a second speaker for louder sound and an integrated 89-decibel siren, a protected crown, a night mode, a depth gauge, and a new Wayfinder watch face that automatically tracks movement off the grid so you can always find your way back to basecamp. It is also is water-resistant to 100m and includes actual dive computer functionality through a partnership with the Oceanic+ app and a built-in depth gauge. watch the video below

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The iconic pocket knife gets a murdered-out makeover! Victorinox have given their iconic Ranger pocket knife an all-black makeover, raising its style game to new heights. The popular multi-tool is kitted out with a stylish layer of chromium oxide, applied to produce a glossy black monochrome finish. The rugged EDC essential is built for endurance and ease of use, and comes with a black lanyard decorated with a black bead, and a special, matching black gift box. Winn...
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Timex Ironman R300 GPS Watch | Image

Timex Ironman R300 GPS Watch

Timex has introduced its first smart watch - The Ironman R300. It is able to track your routes through GPS, and stores all of your workout data, such as heart-rate, steps, calories burned, and is still able to pair with your phone to warn you in case of an incoming SMS or call. These are already some significant features this watch is able to provide but the greatest news is that you may get it without breaking the bank. In terms of battery range you get around 20-2...
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The 100 Year Pants from Vollebak are a Swiss engineered tactical set of pants that are able to withstand some serious heavy duty, really serious military style use. This brand means business when building apparel and these pants are along the lines with what they have accustomed their consumers. The rugged pants can withstand fire, are water-repellant yet breathable, and feature military grade stainless steel details such as the belt or the ankle straps. Made from P...
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