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Huckberry x Craighill Elevated EDC Kit

The most straightforward answers to life´s issues are frequently the greatest ones. And Craighill Co. is only capable of producing those kinds of solutions. The modern design firm has a talent for creating unique items that are endowed with a straightforward beauty and practicality. Together with Huckberry they have created the ultimate EDC kit. The elegant and functional Huckberry x Craighill Elevated EDC Kit is composed of made-in-the-USA products that are the ideal enhancements to your everyday carry because of their classic elegance that also serves a practical purpose. The kit includes a Offset Keyring, Caro Pen, a Lark Knife, and a Key Capsule.

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Airbag backpacks are an essential safety piece of gear for adventurous skiers, and are proven to save lives in avalanches by keeping the wearer on the surface of the debris. The problem with most of these avalanche airbags, is that they can be big and cumbersome. They also make it hard to move around freely and take action in case of a hazardous situation. Aerosize is the world’s first certified avalanche airbag compact vest, and is similar to those used in sailin...
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Made from premium cotton, and with weather resistance that is built to stretch and last, the Passport Travel Pant by Proof is a pair of travel pants that you will never want to leave home without. These men´s travel pants include a ton of zipped pockets to keep your EDC safe...
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Ray-Ban Outdoorsman Reloaded | Image

Ray-Ban Outdoorsman Reloaded

Don´t miss your chance to get these very limited-edition Ray-Bans! As part of its "Reloaded" initiative, Ray-Ban is dipping into its extensive archive to reboot some of its most iconic sunglasses. Their latest release is an update to The Outdoorsman, a more rugged take on the iconic aviator shades, finished with plastic detailing around the lenses and a hit of acetate on the bridge. The stylish shades come in three fresh colorways: gold with classic Havana tortoise...
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