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EDC June

In the world of Everyday Carry (EDC), having the right tools can make all the difference. Whether you're an urban adventurer, a seasoned traveler, or someone who values preparedness, the right EDC gear ensures you're always ready for whatever comes your way. In this roundup, we've curated a collection of must-have products that combine functionality, durability, and sleek design, making them essential additions to your daily arsenal. Dive in to discover the best EDC items that promise to enhance your day-to-day experiences with style and efficiency.

This stylish dive watch is a top-tier timepiece designed for diving aficionados. Built with meticulous engineering, it surpasses expectations with its strong automatic movement and titanium build, ensuring both durability and lightness for underwater adventures up to 500 meters.

The Slice EDC Folding Knife combines modern design with the practicality of a classic folding knife. It merges advanced craftsmanship with a stylish look, providing a dependable tool for everyday use. Its durability, balance, and improved safety features establish a new standard for efficiency, making it the top choice for diverse cutting needs.

The Aulumu G02 is crafted mainly for a comfortable hold. Unlike other MagSafe wallets, the G02 boasts a slimmer profile and a more ergonomic grip. If you prioritize slimness and comfort, this wallet is an ideal option. However, to keep things slim it ss not recommended for carrying more than three cards.

Ridge offers a practical solution for organizing your keys with the KeyCase. Available in Aluminum and Carbon variants, this stylish accessory neatly holds up to six keys, providing easy access and a sleek look for your everyday essentials.
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Some time ago we did a hands-on review of a Timex Camper Watch, a great purchase for those who fancy military style watches but donĀ“t want to spend a big sum of money. We went searching for new similar styles from Timex and found these two cool camouflage timepieces.  Timex Black Dial/Camouflage Canvas Strap - $89.99, BUY Timex Camouflage Dial/Green Fabric Strap - $44.99, BUY ...
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Nomos Glashutte is a German luxury watch-making company, they make minimal, elegant, top-quality watches. Their latest offering is the Autobahn Watch, a classic and timeless timepiece that will last a lifetime, a watch appropriate for every time and every setting. Inspired by racing and automotive design, the elegant watch features a clean design as well as various creative details, such as the beautiful dish-like, curved sapphire glass and dial. Other details inclu...
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Vivobarefoot ESC Tempest Sneaker | Image

Vivobarefoot ESC Tempest Sneaker

Vivobarefoot design shoes based on the simple principle that being barefoot is the healthiest way for you and your feet to be, their ultra thin puncture resistant sole gives the user an unbeatable lightweight barefoot experience. Their latest offering is an amphibian shoe created in collaboration with tyre manufacturer giant Michelin, and jam-packed with advanced features to improve your performance across any terrain. The Vivobarefoot ESC Tempest is a trail running...
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