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Himiway C5 Electric Motorbike

Founded in 2017, Himiway has been a leading name in the e-bike industry, championing high-quality electric bikes that encourage riders to embrace nature. Their new Himiway C5 is designed to deliver motorcycle-grade excitement while retaining the versatility of an e-bike, making it ideal for urban explorers and outdoor adventurers alike. With its powerful 750W motor and advanced suspension system, the C5 effortlessly navigates various terrains, from city streets to rugged mountain trails. Equipped with a 48-volt battery and featuring an extended seat design for added comfort, this electric motorbike is ready for impromptu journeys and long rides. Plus, its sleek design and advanced lighting system ensure safety and style go hand in hand, making the Himiway C5 the ultimate choice for bold riders seeking new adventures.

himiway-c5-electric-motorbike-2.jpeg | Image

himiway-c5-electric-motorbike-3.jpeg | Image

himiway-c5-electric-motorbike-4.jpeg | Image

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Mercedes-Benz G550 Brabus 4x4 Squared | Image

Mercedes-Benz G550 Brabus 4x4 Squared

Finding a custom Mercedes-Benz G550 Brabus 4X4 Squared is a rare feat, but to have three of them for sale at one location? That’s just about unheard of. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, at The Motorcar Collection showroom, the trio of off-road beasts have just arrived and are ready for delivery to three lucky customers. Each vehicle is equiped with an ultra rare special custom Brabus safari package, a heavily modified exterior with carbon fiber panels, a pim...
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Toylander is a DIY half-size electric car based on the first Land Rover series! The electric powered miniature vehicles can accommodate children as well as an adult, and you can enjoy all the features of a real car in miniature including forward, reverse, foot and hand brake, lights, horn, folding screen and opening tailgate. The highly detailed model is available as a kit for the hard core DIY enthusiasts, or as complete bodies, ready to prepare and paint for those...
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The Lo-Ruiter Longboard is the latest project by Joey Ruiter, a designer we have featured several times before, with innovative products such as the Growler City Bike, and the Inner City Bike. Lo-Ruiter is a modern twist on the traditional skateboard that creates the illusion of floating. The cutout shapes are a result of the low deck and wheel clearance, the holes allow you to break when you put your foot over them, and the generous size of the top allows for multi...
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