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Davinci DC100 Electric Motorcycle

The Davinci DC100 Motorcycle has an electric motor that produces...wait for it...627 pound-feet (850Nm) of torque! The high-performance electric streetbike also comes with an impressive 250-mile (400 km) range, and  Davinci claims takes a 15-minute charge time to reach 85-percent battery capacity and a mere 30 minutes for 100-percent with a stage 3 charger.

The DC100 is described as a "robot on two wheels" by Davinci due to a plethora of electrical sensors intended to maximize rider safety. They state that the DC100 features more than 1000 computer chips and 200 sensors to monitor data about the environment, the status of the bikeĀ“s movement, the state of the roads, the temperature of the battery and engine, the lean angle, ABS and traction control, and other factors.

According to Davinci, the DC100 models will be able to balance themselves in the future thanks to the usage of Electric Power Steering, which will have a six-axis EMU to provide information about the bikes aspect. Additionally, the bike will eventually be able to ride itself to a pre-defined destination that the rider has set. Software updates can also be downloaded over-the-air directly onto the bike. watch the video

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Litelok Flexi-U Silver

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