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Widescape Standup Snowmobile

The Widescape WS250 is the first ever standup snowmobile. Weighing in at just under 200 pounds, the off-trail ride features an anti-slip platform users stand on, making the experience more physical, more engaging, and a lot more fun. The WS250 is powered by a liquid-cooled 242cc engine with electronic fuel injection and an electric starter, mated to a direct-drive CVT drivetrain and luggy 38mm tread. It is constructed around an aluminum chassis, meaning that two people can fit it comfortably within most truckbeds. It is also compact enough to transport on the rear hitch rack of most SUVs. Ideal for those always searching for more freedom to push their limits and stray from the beaten path. watch the video below

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Commuting on a bicycle with cold weather can be an unpleasant experience, unless, you are protected from the elements, with sub-zero temperatures the hands are always the weak link. Meet Bar Mitts, they provide the definitive solution to this problem, a sure cure for cold fingers. The neoprene covers fit over your handlebars and provide warm compartments for your hands, they can be used with regular cycling gloves with plenty of room to brake and shift n...
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Shelby Mustang GT500 | Image

Shelby Mustang GT500

This very special pony in excellent condition is up for grabs. A stunning Shelby Mustang GT500 that has been fully restored and maintained, made in 1967 where muscle cars were at their peak, this fastback has it all: a mean look with its black raven satin paint, a V-8 that will deliver old-school HP, around 355 of them to be more accurate, and will get you over 130 mph, a matching black upholstery with a metal dash, plus a classic wooden steering wheel. If you’re ...
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Rod Emory restores Porsche 356 coupes and convertibles at his shop in northern Los Angeles. His company "Emory Motosports” are specialists in customising the Porsche 356s since the late 1980s. The latest masterpiece to roll out of their workshop is this beauty, perhaps the most capable 356 ever made. Named the "Allrad", the stunning creation combines the classic shape of a Porsche 356 Coupe with the all-wheel drive chassis from a 911. Commissioned by a customer lo...
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