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Ushi Ultralight Trailer

This compact and lightweight camping companion is designed for convenience and efficiency. Constructed from anodized aluminum, the Ushi Ultralight Trailer weighs just 640 lb (290 kg) and boasts dimensions of 69 inches (175 cm) wide and 55 inches (140 cm) long, making it easily towable by most vehicles.

Equipped with a galvanized torsion axle supporting up to 1,500 lb (680 kg), the Ushi trailer includes a tailgate-accessed galley space with a wood counter for versatile cooking. The compact design eliminates backsplash-area cabinetry, providing innovative storage solutions like drawers and removable side-mounted shelves.

The rear compartment reveals a spacious area with a two-burner Dometic stove, USB plugs, and lights integrated into wood panels. Unique storage features include drawers, compartments, and a folding table for added functionality. With a removable tongue for easy storage and front features like a rod holder, bike holder, and a 13 x 13-inch (33 x 33 cm) gazebo, the Ushi Ultralight Trailer ensures a seamless camping experience for outdoor enthusiasts.

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