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Ushi Ultralight Trailer

This compact and lightweight camping companion is designed for convenience and efficiency. Constructed from anodized aluminum, the Ushi Ultralight Trailer weighs just 640 lb (290 kg) and boasts dimensions of 69 inches (175 cm) wide and 55 inches (140 cm) long, making it easily towable by most vehicles.

Equipped with a galvanized torsion axle supporting up to 1,500 lb (680 kg), the Ushi trailer includes a tailgate-accessed galley space with a wood counter for versatile cooking. The compact design eliminates backsplash-area cabinetry, providing innovative storage solutions like drawers and removable side-mounted shelves.

The rear compartment reveals a spacious area with a two-burner Dometic stove, USB plugs, and lights integrated into wood panels. Unique storage features include drawers, compartments, and a folding table for added functionality. With a removable tongue for easy storage and front features like a rod holder, bike holder, and a 13 x 13-inch (33 x 33 cm) gazebo, the Ushi Ultralight Trailer ensures a seamless camping experience for outdoor enthusiasts.

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ME Scooter aims to synthesize several key modern concepts. First of all it aims to be a design object, where aesthetic issues also have practical and usability concerns, the ME Scooter also has a green side to it, that´s why it uses electrical power to help you move around. And it also leaves you with some ways to express yourself because it´s fully customizable. The electric motor of 1.5 Kw will get a range of up to 80km, with a top speed of 45km/h, enough to go ...
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Triumph has recently unveiled its Tiger 900 adventure motorcycle series for 2024, elevating its middleweight lineup. The series comprises three models for the upcoming season: Tiger 900 GT ($14,995), Tiger 900 GT Pro ($16,895), and Tiger 900 Rally Pro ($17,395). The GT, geared for the street, features distinct electronic options and suspension, with a 19-17 wheelset for versatile terrain. The GT Pro enhances the base model with an electronically-adjustable rear shoc...
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Cake Kalk AP Electric Bike | Image

Cake Kalk AP Electric Bike

Swedish e-bike maker Cake have built a special version of their Kalk electric motorcycle. Developed specifically for anti-poaching efforts led by the Southern American Wildlife College, the limited edition Kalk AP has a top speed of 56 mph with a range of 3 hours. Other features include a drivetrain and suspension with extra sealing, a modified suspension for low maintenance, Trifilon biodegradable polymer fenders, modified drivetrain software for enhanced torque, a...
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