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Thule Arcos Cargo Box

Discover the revolutionary Thule Arcos Cargo Box, transforming the way you store items in your vehicle. Say goodbye to roof rails and welcome the convenience of attaching this cargo box to your rear towbar using the Thule Arcos Platform. Versatile enough to fit SUVs, sedans, and trucks, this groundbreaking design challenges the laws of physics and even enhances the range of electric vehicles.

During tests conducted on Volkswagen I.D4s, the Thule Arcos outperformed traditional roof-mounted cargo boxes and even no box at all, displaying superior energy efficiency and increased range. Its sleek and aerodynamic low-profile shape ensures optimal performance.

This space-saving solution offers more than just convenience. The Thule Arcos provides ample storage space for all your camping or mountaineering essentials. With its low position, loading and unloading cargo is a breeze. You can effortlessly access your belongings while being shielded from harsh weather conditions, thanks to its durable hard-shell exterior. Whether its your daily routine or an exciting adventure, the Thule Arcos Cargo Box is designed to enhance your experience and simplify your life.

Please note: The Thule Arcos Box must be used together with the Thule Arcos Platform.

thule-arcos-cargo-box-2.jpg | Image

thule-arcos-cargo-box-3.jpg | Image

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