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Hidden Taillight Drawers

Are you tired of leaving your tools and equipment exposed in the tray of your pickup truck? Black Sheep Innovations, a Swiss company, has come up with a solution that will leave your belongings safe and secure.

Their innovative Hidden Taillight Drawers provide additional storage space that no one would ever suspect. The drawers are designed to pull out from the trucks taillights, and they are completely seamless when closed. This modification retains the original taillight, so you dont have to worry about compromising on the safety of your vehicle.

The drawers are available for two popular pickup truck models, the Volkswagen Amarok and the Toyota Hilux. They come in several configurations, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. For example, if you are into camping, you can use the drawers as a minibar for drinks, or if you are hunting and need a secure place to store your firearms. The possibilities are endless.

The drawers are easy to access, too. There is a hidden button that you can press to unhook the taillight housing. Once thats done, the secret door can slide out, providing access to your belongings. Depending on the design, the taillight itself either remains attached or flips down and out of the way.

In conclusion, if youre looking for an innovative way to store your tools, equipment, and even guns, these Hidden Taillight Drawers are a great solution. With their seamless design and ease of access, you can be sure that your belongings are safe and secure while you are on the road. Get yours today and experience the convenience of hidden storage!

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