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eBussy Offroad Camper

eBussy is a cute low-cost battery-powered van that can transform into 10 different body styles. The modular eBussy will be offered as a regular minivan, delivery van, tipper truck, pick-up, chassis cab and campervan, to name just few of the 10 possible body styles. Components such as the driving position can be changed with ease by simply sliding the steering column across the dashboard, making for left, right hand drive, or even in the middle for a central, McLaren F1-style, driving position. As standard, the cute zero-emission eBussy comes equipped with a small 10kWh that is good for 124 miles (200km) of range, however, customers can opt for a 30 kWh option that offers up to 373 miles (600km) of range. In-wheel electric motors at all four corners drive the car, and produce just over 20 HP. However, the eBussy also produces an astounding 737 lb-ft of torque. Helping stretch its charge, each eBussy body style comes with solar panels packaged within the roof. Prices will start at $18,273, but go up to $33,309 for the top-spec off-roading eBussy camper variant. watch the video below

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior


Agera celebrates 15 years of brand founded by Christian von Koenigsegg. This new super-car was designed to celebrate fifteen years of Swedish trade and should have a limited production between 15 to 20 units. Agera is equipped with an impressive V8 Biturbo 4.7 liters, "stirred" to charge no more and no less than 910 horsepower at 6800 rpm and 1100 Nm of torque (1000 Nm available between 2680 and 6100 rpm)....
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Convert your traditional bike into a electric bike in seconds with the Electron Wheel. This unique, practical and brilliant design makes cycling easy and effortless, it contains a powerful motor, smart sensors, and an efficient battery that deliver plenty of kick to your ride. Simply remove the front wheel off your current bike and throw on the Electron Wheel, no tools, no hassle, its that simple. Then, just use your bike like you always have, but enjoy the ease of ...
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Tattoo Suzuki GN400 | Image

Tattoo Suzuki GN400

Tattoo Moto was born from the need to make ordinary bikes into inspired, unique machines. The latest masterpiece to roll out of their workshop in Charlotte, North Carolina, is this kick ass motorcycle, a little Suzuki GN400 cafe racer dubbed the "Vampire Slayer". Inspired by one of the most famous custom builds of all time – Deus Ex Machina´s "Grievous Angel" cafe racer, the team stripped the GN down to its bones and built a simple cafe racer with clean lines and gr...
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