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Campboks Camper Van Kit

Campboks is a revolutionary camping solution that takes the essence of "vanlife" to a whole new level. Crafted by an Austrian startup, this compact and versatile camping kit is designed for those who crave the freedom of the road without committing to a full-time nomadic lifestyle. This compact module seamlessly integrates into most midsize vans, offering a dual-purpose design for weekend adventurers or sporadic travelers.

Campboks transforms your vehicle into a fully equipped camper with features like a comfortable bed, lounge area, complete kitchen, dining space, hidden shower, and toilet. Its innovative A-frame bed design ensures efficient use of space, converting into lounge chairs during the day and a flat bed at night.

This all-in-one module maximizes functionality, fitting snugly into your van during travel (119 cm wide by 137 cm deep by 90 cm high) and expanding outside when it's time to camp. The kitchen, with a fold-down sink, gas cooker, and Eurobox storage, is complemented by a unique picnic table-style dining area.

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