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Bowlus Volterra Electric Trailer

Bowlus has introduced the worlds first all-electric RV that features a solar system that offers the ability to live off-grid indefinitely. the beautiful Bowlus Volterra is an all-electric aluminum RV with a vintage vibe, but with a thoroughly modern inside, and features like Wi-Fi and solar panels for complete off-the-grid operation. Its electricity is provided from AeroSolar, a lightweight yet efficient system that charges the RV while it is being driven, absorbing up to 480 watts of energy and providing 65 miles of EV charging. The unique camper also boasts a full bathroom, king-sized bed, dining table for two, armchairs, latch points to carry kayaks and paddle boards, and a full kitchen with stainless-steel countertops, a marine-grade fridge and freezer and an Italian cooktop. The whole interior, down to the bedsheets, is fully customizable.

bowlus-volterra-electric-trailer-1.jpg | Image

bowlus-volterra-electric-trailer-1a.jpg | Image

bowlus-volterra-electric-trailer-1b.jpg | Image

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Honda E:DAX | Image

Honda E:DAX

Designed to reimagine the iconic Honda Dax, this personal project by Michio Papers combines classic design elements with modern features and a sustainable twist. The E-Dax Mini Moto showcases a sleek T-frame design, updated with a belt-driven electric powertrain and swappable batteries for eco-friendly mobility. With an enhanced UI/HMI and revamped frame and suspension geometry, this electric motorcycle concept is tailored for urban environments. While still maintai...
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Hellwig Titan XD Camper | Image

Hellwig Titan XD Camper

This beastly four-wheel-drive camper is designed to weather the apocalypse in style. Affectionately dubbed the "Rule Breaker,” this trail-ready Nissan was developed by Hellwig Suspension Products in association with Lance Camper. The off-road behemoth is the ultimate overlander camper truck, it comes equipped with a customized Lance Camper and offers a spacious and comfortable interior, along with lightweight aluminum frame construction that’s pick-up truck frie...
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German automakers Audi have unveiled images of the new Audi S1 Quattro set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show. The little beast is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine capable of delivering an impressive 230hp and will be available in a choice of six-speed manual or dual-clutch transmission. No date yet on official release to the public. watch the video...
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