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August 2023 Bike Commuter Gear

Once more, we have curated a collection of practical and utilitarian add-ons to enhance your daily commute. Discover these innovative items that elevate your biking experience, ensuring your ride, whether it is a casual jaunt or a work-bound journey, is even more delightful. Explore our top picks of bike-oriented accessories below � whether you are a dedicated cyclist or transitioning from training wheels, we have compiled an array of fantastic products to streamline your path to work.

This featherweight, exceptionally ventilated coat, incorporates a partial GORE-TEX INFINIUM WINDSTOPPER design to deliver windproof and water-resistant attributes in vital areas. This innovation ensures unrestricted mobility while boasting an above-helmet hood for added convenience.

Engineered for military-grade ruggedness, featuring sapphire glass and an impressively extended battery lifespan. The Polar Grit X Pro is designed to offer you enhanced navigation capabilities, persistent outdoor functionalities, and Polars ultimate training solutions, empowering you to explore boundlessly, following your hearts desires.

In the bustling city and quiet neighborhoods alike, the Smith Express MIPS bike helmet is your ideal commuting companion. Its sleek design and MIPS® angled impact protection offer both style and safety. With a visor to combat glare, easy-fit dial, and added rear light, visibility is enhanced for any time of day.

Designed for daily and unrestricted use in the city, this all-rounder, thanks to its innovative softride frame and versatile adaptability, masters all those hurdles in the urban jungle. The electric rear-wheel drive catapults the STADTFUCHS powerfully and persistently with a torque of 40 Nm and a range of up to 100 km.

Experience the brilliance of the Zoku Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, ensuring your chilled drinks remain refreshingly cool for a remarkable span of 30 to 70 hours. Meanwhile, your piping hot beverages retain their temperature and vitality, keeping warmth intact for an impressive duration of 10 to 15 hours.

Introducing a fresh perspective to the renowned Waffle lineage, the Nike Waffle One seamlessly merges the cherished elements of classic Nike running with innovative enhancements. A robust plastic heel clip imparts a dynamic boost, complemented by a combination of translucent mesh and opulent suede.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this diminutive marvel showcases a complete aluminum body, encompassing the head and pump handle. The aluminum construction not only ensures robustness but also adds a touch of elegance to this cycling essential.

Crafted from a meticulously balanced combination of robust zinc alloy and enduring stainless steel, this key companion is engineered to withstand the rigors of modern life. It offers an uncomplicated key organization and a seamless way to streamline your everyday essentials.

Experience the adaptability of the Gore Wear C5 Thermo Gloves GORE-TEX, skillfully crafted to shield your hands during the harshest climatic conditions. These GORE-TEX gloves with insulation are a must-have for extended cycling journeys amidst the damp and chilly winter environment.

Crank Brothers F-Series collection showcases meticulous craftsmanship and a sleek profile, ensuring the tools remain lightweight and conveniently portable. This comprehensive lineup is remarkably compact, offering versatility without burdening you during your endeavors. With a robust iron finish, the series encompasses an impressive ion of up to 15 tools, cleverly enclosed within a durable, space-efficient body. The F10+ and F15 variants even include a magnetized case featuring a bonus bottle opener, adding to their practicality and utility.

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Sparse lights not only look good, they are theft-proof! The simple and sleek cycling lights sit beneath your stem(headlight) and your seat post(taillight), and because they are installed behind other bike components, it makes them extremely difficult to steal. They are solid, sealed, tamper-resistant, very bright, won´t jostle, rattle, or interfere with your cables, and will light up the road in style. watch the video Also check out our roundup of gifts for the...
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Infinity have unveiled this gorgeous concept inspired by the open-wheel grand prix cars of the 1940s (particularly those from Auto Union). The Infinity Prototype 9 is a retro-influenced electric roadster, it is the result of countless hours of careful construction, and features a beautiful body handmade from steel panels wrapped around a steel ladder frame. The lightweight single-seater is powered by an advanced electric powertrain capable of producing 140HP and pow...
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SCG Boot Off-Road Vehicle | Image

SCG Boot Off-Road Vehicle

SCG (Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus) designs vehicles to compete in the toughest races in the world. The beastly SCG Boot Off-Road Vehicle featured here is an amphibious all-terrain monster based on the 1967 Baja Boot, a jeep on steroids raced by Steve McQueen in the Baja 1000 desert race. It featured massive desert racing tires and a monstrous 450-horsepower V8 in the back. This is an updated Boot for the modern era, and designed to take on the 2019 Baja 1000 race. T...
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