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Annobike is new project that is now on the final crowdfunding stage and itís quite the charmer, an e-bike with some cool features. First of all itís a Danish project so, as usual, the minimal cool design is there, the industrial sturdy look too, top notch quality is also ensured plus the eco-consciousness which is always a must-have on these kind of projects also has a check on this box. Tech wise it features a Bafang brushless engine (250 or 750W option available), front and rear adjustable high performing shocks, disc brakes, puncture proof fat tires (ideal for off roading or simply to make your ride smoother), Shimano derailleur, TFT color screen with relevant info and data, Samsung concealed battery (on the frame), adjustable seats and handlebar, plus high grade and light metal on the frame. Youíll be able to get from 50 to 70 km of range and top speeds up to 32 km/h. This will surely add some fun to your commute. watch the video below

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior


Union is a Art Deco-inspired sidecar attached to a 1942 Harley-Davidson Model U. It was created by Italian workshop Abnormal Cycles, they specialize in making custom and special bikes. Has Bike Exif put it, thereís something reminiscent of Flash Gordon about this machine...check out their website for more original customs. via Bikeexif...
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Eagle Spyder GT | Image

Eagle Spyder GT

Eagle Spyder GT is the new breathtaking model by the Sussex based company Eagle. As with all other Eagle models, the base for this masterpiece is the iconic E-Type Jaguar, one of the most beautiful cars ever to be made. All Eagle models undergo serious rebuilding procedures (takes 4,000 hours to build), every car is disassembled and then reassembled with loads of upgrading features and XXIst century high quality procedures. Among its numerous innovations you get an ...
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Italian bicycle manufacturer De Rosa have teamed up with Italian design house Pininfarina (synonymous with iconic cars), for this stunning Sport Utility Bike able to transform itself from urban to gravel bike by simply choosing two different mounting options. The Metamorphosis features a mono-coque inner mold carbon frame, complemented by an impressive Shimano Alfine 8 Speed bicycle drivetrain system. It also comes with 40 mm high profile aluminum wheels, which prom...
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