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Fina Foldable Kayak

Fina is a compact foldable kayak that can be neatly stored away when not in use. Conceived by industrial designer Cristina Borras, the beautiful two-seat kayak is aimed for calm waters. Built in plywood, the five-meter kayak collapses down into only two-meters long by effectively splitting the boat in three parts with clever construction and origami-like folding precision. Four hatch fasteners are strategically positioned to secure the prow and stern in place for sailing, and two ports give access to a storage space, allowing the removal of any excess moisture that could build over time in the two enclosed sections.

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1960 PORSCHE 356 OUTLAW | Image


This very sexy 356 Outlaw is up for grabs! Offered for sale by Elfer Spot, this immaculate 1960 Porsche 356 Outlaw is in pristine condition and has just 27,225 of recorded mileage. A beautiful metallic silver finish gives the car a heritage look, accompanied by a beautiful bespoke red leather interior. This was a complete nut and bolt restoration, carried out over a four year period using only the best components. The stunning car was completely stripped back to bar...
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Coast Electric RV | Image

Coast Electric RV

Are you looking for a stylish and sustainable way to travel and explore the great outdoors? Look no further than the Aero Build Coast Electric RV. This fully-loaded, dual-axle tagalong is designed to run completely on electricity, making it the perfect choice for modern travelers who love to camp and explore while also caring for the environment. The five 1,360-watt solar panels on the roof and the 810Ah lithium-ion battery bank ensure that the Coast ca...
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CloudCap Camper Van Rooftop Tent | Image

CloudCap Camper Van Rooftop Tent

The CloudCap Camper Van Rooftop Tent is a game-changer for van life enthusiasts seeking to maximize living space without sacrificing portability. This innovative rooftop tent kit effortlessly transforms your two-person rig into a spacious, four-person family-friendly haven. CloudCap combines the functionality of an integrated pop-top tent with a modular gear mounting platform, offering an all-in-one vantop expansion pack. Whether you need a private bunkhouse ...
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