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Ducati Monster 30th Anniversario

Ducati commemorates three decades of the iconic Monster with a limited edition motorcycle. The Monster 30th Anniversario boasts an exclusive Tricolor 30th Anniversary livery, drawing inspiration from past Monster models. The Italian flag colors complement the distinctive gold-colored rims, unique to this model, along with a gold-colored �hlins NIX30 fork.

To enhance performance, lightweight components have been incorporated, resulting in an impressive weight reduction of 8.8 lbs, bringing the curb weight to just 405.7 lbs. Notable features include Brembo Sylema front calipers with aluminum flanges for the front brake discs, ABS Cornering, Ducati Traction Control, Ducati Wheelie Control, Launch Control, and a lithium battery.

The Monster 30th Anniversario will be a limited production of 500 bikes, with only 100 allocated to the US market. Dont miss the chance to own this remarkable piece of motorcycle history.

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