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Redtail Rooftop Camper

Redtail Overland may have just created the ultimate vehicle rooftop bedroom. The Redtail RTC (rooftop camper) is the worlds first hard-sided rooftop camper, and because it is made with featherlight yet incredibly strong carbon fiber, it allows it to be packed with many features while keeping the total weight in check, critical for anything roof mounted. The rugged rooftop camper has built-in insulation (ideal for four-season camping), a full electrical system that draws energy from solar panels on the roof and a lithium battery pack, four exterior Baja Designs S1 area lights and fully dimmable LED interior lighting, a plush mattress, USB and 110-volt outlets, access to the vehicle interior via a hatch, an integrated Webasto diesel heater unit for those chilly nights, full locked security, and more. The Redtail RTC is available in two sizes, the RT 90 and the RT 110, and three trim levels.

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior
Zero X Huge Design Electric Motorcycle | Image

Zero X Huge Design Electric Motorcycle

San Francisco industrial designers Huge, have teamed up with electric motorcycle manufacturer Zero, to customise one of their bikes. The Zero X Huge Design Electric Motorcycle has the wow factor we love, it’s a beauty to look at and we’re pretty sure it will make its owner proud. But along with its head turning style you do get some interesting tech specs such as a 46hp engine that will get you a range of up to 100 miles with a 10 hour charge, some s...
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If you´re looking for a new toy to hit the slopes this season, look no further. Check out the Snogo Ski Bike, an exciting ride that blends the thrill of skiing with the easy of riding a bike. After researching, the designers realized that none of the ski-bikes on the market addressed safety and functionality issues, so they designed Snogo, a lightweight (weighs just 32 pounds) ride with a unique 3-ski design that articulates with your movement, allowing unprecedent...
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"The Beast" is a street-legal ebike, that allows riders to enjoy it on the trails, in the woods, on rough terrain, or in the city. Fully electric, the Beast includes a solar panel and an enclosed battery pack that recharges continuously, and is capable of reaching speeds of 32km/h (20mph) with up to 40 km range. The removable battery pack has 2 USB plugs for charging your gadgets. Beast comes in three versions - Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate, all three have differen...
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