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Decked Truck Bed Storage System

DECKED has upgraded its popular Drawer System, a game-changer for your truck bed storage needs. Compatible with cargo vans, mid-sized, and full-sized trucks, this latest generation brings a host of improvements. Enjoy extended drawer reach for easier access to rear contents and increased storage volume in every drawer. The addition of topside cargo tie-downs with a 400-pound load rating ensures secure transportation of your equipment. You can now opt for "Stash Bins" to replace Ammo Cans, providing extra storage space, improved access to side-mounted electrical outlets, or room for longer items. Redesigned components enhance weatherproofing, making your truck bed even more secure.

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decked-truck-bed-storage-system-3.jpeg | Image

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1991 Mercedes-Benz 250GD Wolf | Image

1991 Mercedes-Benz 250GD Wolf

Available now for bidding over at Bring a Trailer, this stunning 1991 Mercedes-Benz 250GD Wolf, is a rugged off-road icon, and underwent a transformation by Expedition Motor Company and East Coast Rovers. Imported to the US in 2019, it received a striking silver finish. East Coast Rovers added a 3.0-liter OM606 turbodiesel engine, a six-speed manual transmission, and locking front and rear differentials. With 4.11:1 gearing, updated suspension, and a disc-brake conv...
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Lumos Firefly is the ultimate bike light system, upgrading your ride with turn signals, brake lights, synchronized flashing and magnetic mounting. Designed to really ramp up your road safety, the versatile system easily mounts to your bicycle, offering far more information than regular bike lights. They can indicate where you are going and when you are slowing down, and because each one carries red, yellow and white diodes, it can act as either a front, rear and/or ...
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1983 LAND ROVER SERIES 3 | Image


Another masterpiece has rolled out of the Cool & Vintage workshop in Lisbon, Portugal. This time around the guys have worked their magic on this rare Land Rover from 1983, bringing it back to better than new condition. It was completely disassembled down to its chassis, with the engine, gearbox and all mechanical parts also fully disassembled and rebuilt to factory new condition. Nothing was left untouched. The end result is one of the rarest Land Rovers you can...
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