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Maxlider Bronco 6x6

The crazy team at Maxlider Brothers Customs has taken it upon themselves to stretch a second-gen Bronco, fitting an extra set of doors, a third row of wheels, and expanding the interior cargo space. The build is mighty impressive wherever you look, it features all the treatment of their "Midnite" style package, with emphasis on a new bumper, raised suspension, fender flares, a brush guard, a roof rack, a lighting bar with six spotlights, and six huge BFGoodrich all-terrain tires (plus 1 spare). Naturally, there is also an extended frame supporting the additional axle and differential. Maxlider hasn´t specified yet what type of tweaks they prepared in the mechanics chapter, although it is possible to foresee the presence of a more muscular version of the 2.7 V6 EcoBoost that equips the factory model with 310 hp, so that the performance does not end up being pinched by the considerable increase in the weight. Maxlider is now accepting orders with a view to delivering the first vehicles in 2022, for a cool $399,000.

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior


The M1 Electric Skateboard is a recent add on to the electrified vehicles hot segment, what separates it from its most direct competitors is the fact that its design is really sleek, it doesn’t look like a bulky electric skateboard, it’s thin and elegant, the electric engines are directly located on the wheels and it features a special swappable battery, so no more worries about recharging it, just fit in a fully charged one and you’re good to go. Also featuri...
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1969 FORD BRONCO | Image


While we wait anxiously for the debut of the 2020 Ford Bronco (next week!), we´ll keep drooling over the vintage version of the iconic 4x4. This stunning 1969 Ford Bronco has been through a comprehensive restoration to better-than-new condition, and is now available for grabs! Considerable time, effort and money were invested into the nut-and-bolt restoration that features a rebuilt 302 CI V-8 engine, power disc brakes on all four corners, and significantly uprated...
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Ferrari presented this marvel at the Paris International Motor Show 2010. The SA Aperta is a tribute to Sergio and Andrea Peninferina whose company celebrates it´s 80th anniversary and has worked with ferrari on some of there most famous cars. This model is a special series and only 80 wil lbe built. Unfortunally for those of you that want one...they have all been sold!...
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