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Land Rover Defender Flying Huntsman

UK´s leading automotive fashion house "Kahn Design” have a huge collection of styling packages available for Land Rover Defender 90 and 110. They keep surprising us with their spectacular Land Rover Defender conversions, like this stunning semi-open-top Land Rover Defender Flying-Huntsman Homage II with a bespoke black and yellow treatment. The Homage II edition is a retro classic model, based on the Series 2 Defender, it has been re-worked and adorned with numerous aesthetic, mechanical and engineering upgrades, including a chassis stretch that gives the vehicle a unique look. The vehicle also features a new front grille, a re-designed lighting set up, front/rear wide wings with integrated vents and bolt apertures, a re-sculpted bonnet, a roll cage, a twin crosshair exhaust system, folding side steps, a SVX-style soft-top conversion, plus 1984 Heritage steel wheels wrapped in Cooper STT tires. The interior is clad in leather from the seats to the roof headlining, and features vented foot pedals in machined aluminium, a gear and transfer shift in billet steel, and a 3 spoke steering wheel.

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Huckberry Interior


Few doubt that future vehicles will be powered by electricity, solving the pollution problem, especially in big cities. But the options currently on the market are expensive. This is the Twizy, an affordable urban vehicle designed by Renault, with only two seats - motorbike style, with a passenger sitting behind the driver - very small, light and agile, perfect for city use....
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Segway miniPRO | Image

Segway miniPRO

The world´s most popular self-balancing personal transport now has a little brother, the Segway miniPRO! It is a smaller, lighter (weighs 28 pounds) and less expensive version than the original, it features a unique knee bar for controlling direction, a range of up to 14 miles, and a top speed of 11 miles per hour. It also features automatic headlights and taillights, and comes with an app that allows you to operate the device remotely, view dashboard performance da...
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The awesome Journey Trailer by Freespirit Recreation is a basecamp package built for overland camping excursions, a portable tent and camping package that’s fit for explorers of all skill sets. The compact camp cargo trailer comes with a built-in 9-foot tent providing guests and families alike ample room to move about in and around the camp. You can store all of your soft gear right on top of the tent without sacrificing any of the valuable trailer storage. Addition...
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