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Jimny Little G Body Kit

After grabbing our attention with the Jimny Defender Body Kit (which transforms the new boxy, off-road-capable Jimny into a Land Rover Defender lookalike), DAMD Inc. has introduced the Little G body kit that will give your Jimny the appearance of a miniature Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

You have three styles to choose from: "Traditional" - Painted in yellow, this version resembles the original G-Class with its unpainted plastic accents, retro wheels, stylish mirrors, and yellow front bumper lights. It even includes a roof basket accessible via a small ladder at the back.

"Aventura" - The green-painted version closely resembles the AMG variant of the G-Class. It boasts faux intakes, metal accents on the bumper, body-colored add-ons, black BBS-style alloy wheels, a larger roof rack with extra lights, a rugged spare wheel cover, and modern LED taillights.

"Avance" - The orange Little G boasts a design reminiscent of the latest G-Class generation. It features body-colored headlight covers, a Panamericana-style grille, and a two-tone appearance with a black finish for the body kit and roof. It offers a sportier vibe compared to the other two, which lean more towards adventure.

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jimny-little-g-body-kit-3.jpeg | Image

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