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Hennessey MAMMOTH RAM 1500 TRX

Meet the world’s most powerful overlanding pickup. Hennessey is renowned for producing vehicles with unmatched performance on the road, but for its most recent build, they have introduced a horsepower monster built to rule off it. The new Overland Edition of the RAM TRX goes much further than the MAMMOTH 1000 upgrade, which gives the truck an incredible 1,012 horsepower to tackle off-road terrain. The Hennessey MAMMOTH 1000 TRX Overland Edition is what Hennessey refers to as "the worlds most powerful Overlanding pickup, with a variety of additional enhancements intended for confidence and capabilities in isolated regions.

The Overland Edition also transforms the MAMMOTH 1000 into a living truck by building a new modular system on top of the TRXs bed. This system includes an awning for shelter, auxiliary fuel tanks, a pressurized water reservoir, a splitting axe, a shovel, a retractable ladder, additional LED lighting, and other amenities to become a powerful remote adventure explorer unlike anything else.

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Dacia has introduced the impressive Manifesto concept, a featherweight all-terrain buggy equipped to deal with outdoor pursuits, with permanent four-wheel drive, a hose-down interior, chunky wheels, a raised ride height and a tough plastic body made from a recycled polypropylene material. The hood sports a lightbar plus a single headlamp that can me removed and used as a powerful handheld flashlight, and it is fitted with a winch, and a dedicated battery supply out ...
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Conqueror Australia have applied 15 years experience in building some of the worlds toughest military equipment into their awesome range of adventure trailers. Their Conqueror UEV-440 is the ultimate off-road camper trailer, capable of crashing through the wilderness and crossing rivers, and don´t let the compact and super-rugged look fool you, this thing is packed with plenty of luxurious features, from wine glasses to two-burner stoves and flat-screen TVs, interi...
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1990 Mercedes-Benz 250GD Wolf | Image

1990 Mercedes-Benz 250GD Wolf

Among our favorite SUV´s there is always a place for the G-Class. Expedition Motor Company are specialists in the restoration and sale of the Mercedes-Benz Wolf (also known as the G-Wagen). Each one of their builds has the same ageless iconic beauty we all love, but is tailor built for today. Every 250GD Wolf that they restore is a masterpiece that is close to 1,000 man hours in the making. The latest masterpiece to roll out of their workshop is a full frame-off re...
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