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Happier HC1 Camper

The uber cool Happier Camper HC1 is a retro-modern camping trailer that redefines adventure with affordability and groundbreaking flexibility. Dont let its nostalgic appearance fool you though, this lightweight wonder offers an array of tech features including a solar panel, iPad/tablet docking station, USB/AC power plugs, digital heater, Bose Bluetooth sound system, and LED lights. Despite its throwback style, it is equipped with 21st-century conveniences.

The modular interior of the HC1 provides unmatched adaptability, allowing you to customize your trailer on-the-go to meet various needs. Whether its accommodating a family of five or transforming into guest quarters, the Adaptiv interior system ensures that your space is tailored to your preferences within minutes.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the HC1 boasts a large rear hatch, a wide entry door, classic wheel fenders, honeycomb fiberglass flooring, and panoramic windows. It is flexible, ultralight, and can be towed by most standard cars, making it perfect for various travel plans. It is also solar-ready for off-the-grid adventures and can fit into a single parking space, adding to its versatility.

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