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Corsetti Land Cruiser

Corsetti Cruisers is a group of devoted individuals passionate about breathing new life into classic 4X4 vehicles, with a particular focus on iconic models like the Toyota Land Cruiser and International Scout. Their expertise extends to a wide range of restoration projects, and they even offer a unique turnkey service where they help you find the ideal vehicle for restoration.

The Toyota Land Cruiser, particularly the FJ60 and FJ62 models, holds an esteemed place in automotive history due to its legendary reliability and off-road prowess. Unfortunately, locating one in pristine condition has become increasingly challenging. Corsetti Cruisers addresses this issue by sourcing and meticulously restoring these vehicles, preserving their unique stories and character.

Among their standout creations are the renowned "Corsetti Cruisers," which take classic FJ60, FJ62, or FZJ80 Land Cruisers and elevate them to the status of family heirlooms. These fully customized vehicles undergo a transformation that includes engine upgrades for improved power and fuel efficiency, the integration of modern conveniences, and a meticulous attention to detail.

One of their notable achievements is the restoration of a 1990 FJ62. This transformed classic boasts a formidable GM LS3 V8 engine, modern suspension, all-terrain tires, and a host of comfort upgrades. This amalgamation results in enhanced performance, fuel efficiency, and modern creature comforts while retaining the timeless appeal of the classic Land Cruiser.

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