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Blacked-Out Defender 110 Crew Cab

Chelsea Truck Company have a huge collection of styling packages available for the Land Rover Defender. Their cars can be personalised to an individual specification that reflects the aspirations and requirements of each owner, whether operating at the heart of an exciting outdoor adventure, or in the wilds of the urban environment. To create the styling package, the team have reimagined each aspect of the vehicle from the ground up, taking the commercial Land Rover Defender and using military inspired British design, to upgrade and refine it. Their styling packages can be applied to the defender 90 or the Defender 110 and are ideal for customers who demand to be seen as individuals that stand out from the crowd. To purchase one of these beauties, head over to Prins Auto, they have several other custom Defenders available, or you can order your dream ride with your own specifications. Price on Request.

All images by: Jan Fillem

blacked-out-defender-110-crew-cab-2.jpg | Image

blacked-out-defender-110-crew-cab-3.jpg | Image

blacked-out-defender-110-crew-cab-4.jpg | Image

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Michael Bay, the Transformers director, has put up for auction his own 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS (the very same model that played Bumblebee in Transformers: Age of Extinction). The one-off muscle car was heavily customized for its appearance in the 2014 blockbuster, and features a Fuel-injected Corvette LS3 engine, 6-speed overdrive transmission, custom suspension, a 9-inch Ford rear end, a roll cage, Wilwood brakes, leather seats, touchscreen navigation stereo syste...
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