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1948 Ford Super Deluxe Station Wagon

Before the SUV craze, there was the station wagon, and as far back as 1937, Fordís station wagons were being converted to AWD by Marmon-Herrington. There, at their workshop, the 239 cu. in. flathead V-8 was retained while mated to a Ford truck four-speed manual transmission and a modified rear axle/differential. They also reinforced the chassis, and installed the full-time all-wheel-drive hardware. The cars shipped back to Ford dealers, but at twice the cost of the standard Ford wagon, so sales were limited. This rare and highly desirable Marmon-Herrington AWD conversion has benefitted from a complete and comprehensive restoration, has only 600 miles on the odometer since the work was done, and is in absolutely impeccable condition.

1948-ford-marmon-herrington-super-deluxe-station-wagon-2.jpg | Image

1948-ford-marmon-herrington-super-deluxe-station-wagon-3.jpg | Image

1948-ford-marmon-herrington-super-deluxe-station-wagon-4.jpg | Image

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Briston watches
Huckberry Interior
Nemo Bike-Packing Kit | Image

Nemo Bike-Packing Kit

Adventure gear manufacturers Nemo Equipment have developed a kit dedicated to bike-packers, you can combine the Escape Pod bivy, Moonwalk sleeping bag, and Apollo shelter for the ultimate bikepacking kit. All items are small, lightweight, and packable, a compact setup perfect for carrying on a bike. The Apollo 3P tent ($250) has room for one person, a bike and gear, and is easy to set up, quick to take down, and crunches into the size of a water bottle. The Moonwalk...
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BMW E30 M3 by Redux | Image

BMW E30 M3 by Redux

Bringing a classic car back to life is one of the ever-changing trends in the car industry, with some wanting to keep the iconic shapes of a particular car, but with the features and technologies of modern times. One example of this trend is that of the small company Redux, which introduced a restored and ostensibly modified BMW E30 M3 classic. Think about how Singer "reimagined" the Porsche 911, Redux have built the ultimate reincarnation of the BMW M3 using lots o...
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Vanmoof is an ambitious young Dutch company that was born from a love for bicycles and a hunger for change. The basic idea is to help all citizens of the world to move around within the city in a fast, easy and stylish manner. According to Dutch designer Sjoerd Smit, everything unnecessary was removed from the bike, only maintaining comfort, simplicity and style. The bike is light, with no cables in sight, it features a LED light powered by a solar panel, it has 3 g...
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